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One size doesn’t fit all if you are short!

Looooong wait on ship for basic factory goods from China. Overpriced and on par with Shein merchandise.

Long wait. Overpriced. Cheaply made. Straight out of Chinese factories.

Really long wait for some cheaply packaged goods from China that are clearly overpriced. Disappointed.

Love the product

Shayla Bodysuit

I like the title

This product was amazing and looked extremely sexy on my wife!

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl

Not a good fit. Moved around too much and couldn’t seem to keep it in place. Too much stretch, I suppose.
Gave an extra star because it’s attractive - just not on me. 5’, 120 lbs, 34C

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl

Very pretty

Perfect fit - very pretty!


Super sexy

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl

Loved my bathing suits

Beautiful in red

Perfect fit for tall wife!
Very comfy n sexy!
No complaints :))

All tied up

Been "busy" since receiving this set. Comfortable, elegant and a little bit naughty!

Pretty Girl


My wife and I love this. It’s a lot of fun


The garment is exactly as pictured and the quality is amazing. The fit was perfect and very easy to adjust. Once my woman put this on…. Mmmmm! Thank you for amazing piece!

Looks and feels fantastic

Pretty Girl

Price and softness. Edges near private area were rough and not comfortable.

Nice… wowww. She likes it

Pretty Girl


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